lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas the best skate of the word.
Jamie started skate at eleven, his first sponsor was deluxe, thunders trucks, spirtfire wheels and as a flow ride for real skateboard.
In 1996 Jamie started a small company clothing, through toy machine distributor tum yeto, later this company into to zero skateboard and is owned and president of black box, and is the parent comp.
In 2006 he won a regional entrepremeur of the year.

Is global symbol skate, one of the tours in which he participed were:
  • zero dying to live (2002)
  • Toy machine welcome to the hell (1996)
  • zero misled youth (1999) 
  • in progress: zero cold war (2011)

    Jamie betsides was one of the best skate of the word, is a big employer skate.
    He is father and is teaching the child what he knows.